Capital One Platinum Secured: Card with No Annual Fee

Rebuild your credit history with deposits starting at $49

Capital One Platinum Secured: Card with No Annual Fee

The Capital One Platinum Secured card is a credit card option designed to help individuals build or rebuild credit.

Capital One reports cardholders’ credit activities to credit bureaus, which can help improve credit scores over time.

Why This Card is for You?

With a good payment history and responsible card management, Capital One may consider the cardholder for an upgrade to an unsecured credit card in the future.

Additionally, individuals with poor credit histories may have a better chance of approval compared to other traditional cards.

Pros and Cons of the Capital One Platinum Secured

Before making your decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons:


  • Customer Service: Capital One provides 24-hour customer service
  • Free: This card does not charge for issuing a replacement card
  • Fee: The card does not charge a foreign transaction fee


  • Credit Evaluation: Although it’s a secured card, Capital One still conducts a credit check when processing the application
  • Limit: The maximum deposit limit is $1,000

How to Apply for Your Capital One Platinum Secured

With the Capital One Platinum Secured, you can start a new and improved credit history.

Start changing your financial life now by clicking the button below and viewing all the card details, as well as learning how to apply.