Discover the CMA One Credit Card: Exclusive for CMA Professionals

Unique Benefits in Shopping, Travel, and More for ICMAI Members

Discover the CMA One Credit Card: Exclusive for CMA Professionals

Bank of Baroda is known for its reliability and excellent customer service.

What you need to know about this credit card:

  • First year fee: ₹1 + taxes
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Coverage: From ₹5 Lakhs
  • Fuel surcharge exemption: 1% at all fuel stations across India
  • Forex Margin: reduced by 2%


  • Generous Rewards Points: Earn up to 5 points for every ₹100 spent and 1000 bonus points on ₹1000 spend across select categories.
  • Exclusive Lounge Access: Up to 12 complimentary lounge accesses per year at domestic airports, providing a superior travel experience.
  • Security Benefits and Coverage: Includes personal accident insurance coverage up to ₹15 lakhs and lost card fraud protection.
  • Privilege: 50 days of interest-free credit
  • Welcome gift: 6 months FREE Fitpass Pro subscription


  • Limited Eligibility: Only available to active and qualified ICMAI members, which may not suit everyone.
  • Demanding Documentation: Requires various documentation such as proof of ICMAI membership, last payslip or ITR.

Why Choose Bank of Baroda for Your Credit Card?

The CMA One credit card from Bank of Baroda is known for its competitive annual fee, often reduced or waived in the first year, depending on annual spending.

Compared to HDFC Regalia, which has a high annual fee, CMA One already has a significant advantage.

While ICICI Bank Coral and SBI Prime also charge considerable annual fees, CMA One offers a more cost-effective approach for cardholders.

Axis Bank Select and Kotak Mahindra Essentia fall in a similar bracket, but again, without the exemption flexibility offered by Bank of Baroda.

CMA One: let’s get to know it a little better

How to Apply for Your CMA One Credit Card

Do you want to know how to apply for the CMA One credit card online and in complete security?

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