Standard Chartered Debit Card: the best cards for you

Standard Chartered's card offering caters to everyone

Standard Chartered Debit Card: the best cards for you

Standard Chartered Bank offers six types of cards, each with various benefits, for those seeking a card.

If that’s what you desire, seize the opportunity to get the credit card you need.

About Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered is a British bank, albeit borderless, as it operates in several countries, including Bangladesh.

With special offers on financial products, Standard Chartered has one that fits your everyday needs.

How will this work?

Standard Chartered offers six card options to help improve your financial life, with various benefits.

At the bank, you’ll find cards that accumulate points, cards with cashback, and even access to Priority Pass lounges.

Requirements to apply for this credit card

  • You will need a photo
  • Bangladeshi national identity card

Card fees

To find out the fees associated with the chosen card, simply visit the Standard Chartered bank’s website, select the card of your choice, and check the fees.

Apply for your card online

  1. Click the button below
  2. Choose your credit card
  3. Click the “apply now” button
  4. Fill out the complete form
  5. Await analysis and approval

Get approved today!

Don’t waste any more time. This is your chance to get a good card for your everyday needs.

Click the button below and request yours now.