Black credit card: the power to buy flexibly in a super easy way

Discover African Bank's Exclusive Credit Card Privileges

Black credit card: the power to buy flexibly in a super easy way

African Bank is widely recognized for its reliability and innovative services in South Africa’s financial sector.

What you need to know about this credit card:

  • Card issuance: Receive your personalized, embossed card instantly at any African Bank branch.
  • Online transaction security: Secure one-time PIN (OTP) transactions for online purchases.
  • Cash Withdrawal: Perform cash withdrawals at participating outlets like Checkers and Shoprite.
  • Interest-free period: Enjoy up to 62 interest-free days on point-of-sale and online purchases, paying off the balance in full by the due date.


  • Access to free digital channels: Manage your online transactions securely and conveniently.
  • Financial flexibility: interest-free credit for up to 62 days, ideal for those looking for budget flexibility.
  • Positive Balance Rewards: Earn interest on positive balances, a rarity that offers a return on your spending.
  • Life insurance on credit: peace of mind with the automatic inclusion of life insurance on credit.
  • Customizable transaction limits: Control your spending by adjusting transaction limits as needed.


  • Initiation fee: A fee is charged when opening the account.
  • Monthly Service Fees: There is a monthly service fee charge of R65.

Why Choose African Bank for your credit card?

Opting for African Bank’s Black Credit Card is a smart choice when compared to cards from other major banks like FNB, TymeBank, ABSA, Capitec, and Discovery.

It stands out for not charging interest for up to 62 days, unlike Capitec and TymeBank which offer shorter or less flexible periods.

Compared to FNB and ABSA, which can have similar benefits, the Black Credit Card offers the advantage of rewards over positive balances, something not commonly found.

Finally, while Discovery focuses on health and wellness benefits, the Black Credit Card focuses on flexibility and financial security.

Thus, African Bank ends up more comprehensively meeting the daily needs of customers.

Black Credit Card: let’s get to know it a little better.

How to apply for your Black Credit Card

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