Discover here and obtain your Banco Africano credit card in a practical way

Discover the Best Credit Card for Those on the Blacklist

Discover here and obtain your Banco Africano credit card in a practical way

African Bank is a trusted brand known for its innovation, excellence and ethical business practices.

What you need to know about this credit card:

  • SMS messaging service: R0.50
  • POS purchase transactions: R10.00
  • ATM balance inquiry: R10.00
  • ATM cash withdrawal (plus 1.50% of transaction value): R80.00


  • Up to 62 days after your purchases, you can enjoy credit without paying interest
  • Whether local or international, you can use your card anywhere the Visa logo is accepted
  • Stay informed about all successful transactions
  • Credit limit of up to R350K
  • Earn interest on positive balances


  • Restricted to citizens over 18 years old
  • Subject to initiation and monthly service fees

Why Choose an African Bank for Your Credit card?

African Bank is known for offering credit cards with competitive interest rates and credit limits that vary according to the customer’s profile.

Standard Bank cards may include benefits such as travel insurance, access to VIP lounges at airports, rewards programs, and discounts on selected purchases.

At Absa Bank, you’ll find a variety of credit cards with benefits such as cashback, air miles, travel insurance, and access to airport lounges.

Nedbank offers credit cards with benefits that include cashback, discounts at selected restaurants and stores, as well as access to rewards programs.

Therefore, those in need of a credit card with quick and easy approval can turn to African Bank to obtain one.

African Bank credit card: let’s get to know it a little better

How to Apply for African Bank Credit Card

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