Get your African Bank Credit Card

Transform Your Financial Situation with the Best Card for Those with Restrictions in South Africa

Get your African Bank Credit Card

Have you found yourself on the blacklist and felt like your financial options were limited? Well, we have excellent news for you!

The African Bank Credit Card is here to change the game, even for those facing credit challenges.

About the African Bank

Imagine having access to a credit card that not only offers you financial flexibility but is also backed by a respected financial institution with over 120 years of history in South Africa.

African Bank is a trusted brand, known for its innovation, excellence, and ethical business practices. With an extensive network of branches and ATMs nationwide, you can count on African Bank to meet your financial needs wherever you are.

How will this work?

Are you ready to make the most out of your money? With the African Bank Credit Card, you’ll enjoy a range of exclusive benefits.

Including Visa Global Assistance, free SMS Notifications and interest-free credit.

  • Requirements to apply for this credit card
  • Must be over 18 years old to apply;
  • Proof of income;
  • Proof of residence no older than three months;
  • Last bank statement showing three salary deposits.

Card fees

  • SMS messaging service: R0.50
  • POS Purchase transactions: R10.00
  • ATM Balance enquiry: R10.00
  • ATM Cash withdrawal (Plus 1.50% of transaction value): R80.00
  • ATM Cash withdrawals less than or equal to R100: R10.00
  • Balance enquiry: R10.00

Apply for your card online

  • Tap the button below to access the official website of the African Bank
  • Fill in your personal details to apply for the international card
  • Wait for the credit assessment
  • Once approved, visit the nearest African Bank branch to your home and collect your personalized credit card using your official documents

Get approved today!

Don’t let a bad credit history stop you from achieving your financial goals. With the African Bank Credit Card, you can take the first steps towards a new financial journey, regardless of your past history.

Seize this opportunity today and start building a more solid future for yourself. Apply now and take a step towards financial freedom!