Find out all the details about Allied Visa Gold with ease and ease

Understand the benefits of the Allied Visa Gold Credit Card and learn how to apply for yours

Find out all the details about Allied Visa Gold with ease and ease

Having a credit card as a partner in your everyday purchases can make a big difference. The Allied Visa Gold Credit Card comes with the bonus of an interest-free period of up to 50 days.

Also, enjoy Visa’s privilege of global acceptance, using the card at more than 27 million merchants around the globe.

About Allied Bank

Allied Bank stands out for its commitment to excellence in financial services. Its goal is to generate value for stakeholders and offer sustainable financial solutions to the community in Pakistan.

How will it work?

By using the Allied Visa Gold Credit Card, you will have access to reduced fees on services, add-ons, and balance transfers. Additionally, you are allowed to withdraw up to 50% of your credit limit in advance.

Take advantage of getting up to two additional cards for family members, extending the benefits to your loved ones. If necessary, choose to pay a portion of the invoice at a convenient rate.

Credit Card Application Requirements

  • CNIC
  • NTN
  • Proof of income/business document
  • Employer’s statement (for salaried employees)
  • Bank Account Statement

Card Fees

  • Interest Rate/APR: 28%
  • SIM Maintenance Fee: Rs. 0
  • Fee per cash withdrawal: Rs. 500 or 3% (the highest amount)
  • Taxa anual: Rs. 2.000
  • Balance Transfer Fee: 20%
  • Early Cash Withdrawal Fee: 28%
  • Late payment fee: Rs. 1,200
  • Fee for international transactions: 4%

Apply for your card online

  • Go to the bank’s website or visit your nearest branch
  • Fill out the application form and start your process
  • Submit the required documents
  • After your application is submitted, wait for approval
  • If the bank approves your request, wait a few days to receive the card

Get approved today!

Click on the button below to be directed to the Allied Bank page and apply for your Credit Card right now.

The process is quick, easy, and secure. So, don’t miss this opportunity!