Discover the Capitec Personal Loan in a practical way here

Flexible solutions for your financial needs, find out the best way

Discover the Capitec Personal Loan in a practical way here

Capitec Bank, recognized for the high satisfaction of its 16 million clients.

What you need to know about this loan:

  • Loan amounts offered: Up to R500,000 to cover your needs.
  • Loan terms (monthly): Flexible terms from 12 to 84 months.
  • Payment methods: Payments via app, online, or at branches.
  • Interest rate: Rates starting at 13.75%, varying according to your credit profile.


  • Quick approval: Get your loan in minutes, with a streamlined process.
  • Fixed installments: Predictable budgeting with fixed monthly installments.
  • Competitive rates: Interest starting at 13.75%, among the best in the market.
  • Flexible terms: Choose the term that best fits your budget.
  • Debt consolidation: Option to consolidate existing loans and facilitate payment.


  • High minimum income: Must demonstrate a minimum monthly income for approval.
  • Limitations for non-clients: Non-clients may face longer and more demanding processes.

Why choose Capitec for your loan?

While Investec focuses on high-income clients, Capitec makes credit accessible to a broader range of clients.

Discovery offers technological innovations, but Capitec combines technology with convenience and ease of access.

Bayport is known for its long-term loans, however, Capitec offers greater flexibility in payment terms.

Unifi offers good products, but the simplicity and speed of Capitec are unmatched.

Lastly, African Bank may have a solid presence, but Capitec leads in customer satisfaction with its quick approval rate and easy loan management through its app.

How to Apply for Your Capitec Personal Loan

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