Discover FNB Aspire: more than a card, a financial ally that helps you.

Be amazed by the advantages of the FNB Aspire card

Discover FNB Aspire: more than a card, a financial ally that helps you.

FNB, known for its tradition and innovation in the banking sector in South Africa, continues to impress with its robust portfolio of financial products and international awards.

What you need to know about this credit card:

  • Credit limit: up to R250,000.00, affordable for annual rents from R84,000 to R499,999.
  • Fees: Includes a monthly service fee of R42 in addition to an initiation fee of R175.
  • Interest-free days: Up to 55 days of interest-free purchases.
  • Rewards program: Access to the eBucks program, which offers rewards on purchases.


  • No interest rate for up to 55 days: ideal for managing cash flow at no additional cost.
  • Balance transfer: opportunity to consolidate debts with a 15% rate.
  • eBucks Cashback Program: benefits when shopping at participating stores.
  • Access to the SLOW Lounge and life insurance for international travel: comfort and safety on your travels.
  • Virtual cards: more security in online purchases.


  • Limited cashback program: only available at selected stores.
  • Restricted travel benefits: basic benefits with no extras for tickets or accommodations.

Why Choose FNB for your credit card?

Comparing FNB Aspire with cards from other institutions, such as African Bank, ABSA, Capitec, Discovery, and TymeBank, it is possible to notice some differences.

Firstly, unlike African Bank, FNB does not impose an annual fee, providing significant savings.

While ABSA may require a higher credit score, FNB offers more affordable terms for acquisition. Compared to Capitec, FNB Aspire stands out for its robust eBucks rewards program.

Compared to Discovery, which can offer travel-specific benefits, FNB balances it with comprehensive advantages across multiple spending categories.

TymeBank, despite being an option for digital users, does not compete with the additional benefits of the Aspire card, such as access to the SLOW Lounge.

FNB Aspire: let’s get to know it a little better.

How to apply for your FNB Aspire

The process is simple and can be done completely online. Tap the button below to learn how.