Unlock Exclusive Benefits with the Absa Gold Credit Card

Exploring the advantages of Absa Bank intelligently and quickly

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Unlock Exclusive Benefits with the Absa Gold Credit Card

“Absa won the 2023 BEE Deal of the Year award”

What you need to know about this credit card:

  • Recommended minimum income: To apply for the card is R4,000
  • Credit limit: up to R90,000
  • Interest: earn up to 57 interest-free days on qualifying transactions
  • Free: there are no transaction fees on purchases, except for certain types of transactions, such as prepaid phone top-ups and utilities


  • Access to a wide range of exclusive benefits, including cash rewards, travel insurance, and preferential rates at airport departure lounges
  • Free protection for lost cards
  • Exclusive Visa benefits
  • Contactless payments for added convenience
  • No transaction fees on purchases


  • Some types of transactions may incur fees
  • Recommended minimum income of R4,000 may be a barrier for some

Why Choose Absa for Your credit card?

While the Standard Bank Gold card offers basic benefits, the Absa Gold Credit goes further, offering more robust rewards, such as cashback at local businesses and up to 30% cashback.

Additionally, while the FNB Gold card offers traditional benefits like travel insurance and global travel assistance, the Absa Gold Credit stands out with its diverse and generous rewards program.

Finally, the Absa Gold Credit offers a higher credit limit and interest-free payment options on qualifying transactions, while some African Bank and Capitec Bank cards may not have these advantages.

Absa Gold Credit Card: Let’s Get to Know It a Little Better

How to Apply for Your Absa Gold Credit Card

Want to unlock all the exclusive benefits that the Absa Gold Credit Card has to offer? Click below to learn more and find out how to apply for yours today!