100% Approval: Security Bank Fast Track Secured Credit Card

Start saving and build your credit score with a secured credit card

100% Approval: Security Bank Fast Track Secured Credit Card

The Fast Track Program allows you to open a savings account and get a credit card fast. A secured credit card helps you build your credit score and credit history hassle-free.

The Fast Track Secured application processing is fast at three days after submission of required documents. Definitely one of the options for easy approval credit card application in the Philippines.

Why This Card is for You?

Security Bank’s Fast Track program is a secured credit card that guarantees 100% approval for both new and existing clients of the bank.

To get a Security Bank credit card without having to submit income documents, simply open a deposit account with the bank and deposit the required minimum hold-out amount for your collateral.

But before making your decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons:


  • A savings or time deposit account bundled with a secured credit card
  • Fast processing in 3 banking days upon receipt of documents
  • A credit limit that is 80% of the holdout amount


  • Limited Credit Limits: These cards often come with low credit limits, restricting purchasing power and impacting credit utilization ratios.
  • Minimal Rewards and Benefits: Compared to cards for those with good credit, they offer fewer rewards and perks, such as cashback or travel benefits.

How to Apply for Your Fast Track Secured Card?

You may apply by visiting any Security Bank branch. Open a saving account; get faster processing of credit card application with 100% guaranteed credit approval.

Don’t wait any longer! Tap the button below and discover how to apply for your credit card today!