Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card: Your Card with Cashback

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Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card: Your Card with Cashback

According to the Forbes list in India, Axis Bank is among the five largest players in the national financial sector.

What you need to know about this credit card:

  • Joining fee: Rs. 500
  • Cash payment fee: Rs. 100
  • Mobile alerts for transactions: free
  • Cash withdrawal fees: 2.5%


  • Welcome: Rs. 600 in activation benefits on your credit card
  • VIP: four free lounge visits at selected airports
  • Fuel: guarantee 1% exemption from fuel tax
  • 15% discount: in more than 10 thousand restaurants in the EasyDiner program
  • 50% Off: On First Swiggy Order


  • Limited: No cashback is earned on fuel transactions
  • Age: people over 70 cannot apply for the card

Why Choose Axis Bank for Your Credit Card?

Flipkart Axis Bank regularly provides exclusive offers to its cardholders, including discounts and special promotions across Flipkart and its partners.

While HDFC Millennia and SBI SimplyClick also offer some exclusive offers, these are not as focused on a single ecosystem as in the case of Flipkart Axis Bank.

ICICI Amazon Pay, while excellent for shopping on Amazon, does not offer as much versatility on other platforms.

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium is more focused on offline benefits.

IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Edge offers good coverage but with a less efficient reward rate.

Flipkart Axis Bank: let’s get to know it a little better

How to Apply for Your Flipkart Axis Bank credit card

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