Understand everything about the Nedbank home loan: turn your dream into reality

Understand here: the keys to your house are within your reach

Understand everything about the Nedbank home loan: turn your dream into reality

Nedbank is an example of longevity and adaptability in the banking sector, with a history dating back over a century.

What you need to know about this loan:

  • Loan Amounts Offered: From the minimum to 105% of the property value to cover additional costs
  • Loan Terms (monthly): Flexible, adaptable to your financial needs
  • Payment Methods: Guaranteed convenience with automatic debit or payments at Nedbank’s physical branches
  • Interest Rate: Attractive and preferential for customers, aiming for long-term savings


  • You can choose between buying, renovating, or building
  • Financing of up to 100% of the property value, or up to 105% for first-time buyers, covering transfer costs
  • Get up to R20,000 back on the loan amount when you apply online, through the Money app, or via the call center
  • Preferential interest rates for customers, ensuring savings over the loan term
  • Tools like the Home-buying Toolkit make the buying and loan approval process easier


  • Possibility of employment verification requirement
  • Interest rates may vary depending on the customer’s financial situation

Why Choose Nedbank for Your Loan?

When comparing Nedbank’s home loans to other options like Discovery Bank, SBI, Investec, and Al Baraka, Nedbank stands out on several fronts.

While Discovery Bank offers up to 100% financing, Nedbank goes further, providing up to 105%, including for additional costs.

While Discovery Bank offers discounts on attorney fees and access to additional funds, Nedbank stands out by guaranteeing up to R20,000 back on the home loan amount.

On the other hand, SBI, for example, has restricted financing requirements, limiting the minimum and maximum loan amount and requiring specific guarantees.

With its unique combination of benefits, financial flexibility, and personalized support, Nedbank stands out in the market.

How to Apply for Your Loan:

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