RCBC Auto Loan: Achieve Your New Car with Ease Conditions

Finance your vehicle conveniently and with great conditions.

RCBC Auto Loan: Achieve Your New Car with Ease Conditions

With over 60 years of tradition and awarded for its digital solutions, RCBC serves millions.

What you need to know about this loan:

  • Loan amounts offered: Starting from Php 300,000
  • Loan terms (monthly): 12 to 60 months
  • Payment methods: Payment flexibility in branches or digital
  • Interest rate: Competitive rates in the market


  • Lower down payment: Enjoy financing with reduced down payment
  • First year without insurance: Free insurance coverage in the first year
  • Flexible terms: Choose the term that best fits your budget
  • Quick approval: Agile and uncomplicated application process
  • Comprehensive coverage: Full insurance during the financing period


  • Minimum income: Need to have a monthly income of over Php 40,000
  • Age limit: Maximum age of 65 years at the end of the financing

Why choose RCBC for your loan?

Comparing with other banks like Security Bank, Union Bank, East West Bank, CIMB Bank, and Kviku, RCBC stands out for its commitment to financial inclusion and flexible financing options.

While Security Bank focuses on fast approval, RCBC also offers free insurance coverage in the first year, an important differentiator.

Union Bank may have a more traditional approach in terms of financial products, but RCBC offers a more robust financing solution tailored to the needs of Filipinos.

Compared to East West Bank, RCBC has a more extensive network of branches and ATMs, facilitating access and management of your loan.

CIMB Bank and Kviku are known for their digital solutions; however, RCBC combines cutting-edge technology with award-winning customer service, ensuring that each interaction is smooth and satisfactory.

How to apply for your RCBC Auto Loan

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