Benefits You’ll Love with the Paytm SBI SELECT Credit Card

Experience Inclusive Rewards and Financial Empowerment

Benefits You’ll Love with the Paytm SBI SELECT Credit Card

With a reputation for stability and a commitment to customer satisfaction, SBI remains a trusted name in the financial industry.

What you need to know about this credit card:

  • Membership Fee: Rs.1,499
  • Annual Fee: Rs.1,499
  • Additional Card Membership Fee and Annual Fee: NULL
  • Cash Advance Limit: Up to 80% of credit limit / Maximum Rs. 12,000 per day


  • Universal Rewards: Paytm SBI SELECT Credit Card offers inclusive rewards through its innovative Paytm Points system.
  • Digital Integration: Seamlessly integrated with the Paytm app, providing modern financial management tools.
  • Financial Empowerment: Allows low-income users to build credit and access financial education resources.


  • Limited Acceptance: May face acceptance limitations compared to traditional credit cards.
  • Digital Dependency: Requires access to a smartphone and internet connectivity for full use.

Why Choose SBI for Your Credit Card?

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank offers up to 5% cashback on Amazon Prime purchases. In comparison, Paytm SBI Select offers significant benefits such as 3% cashback on Paytm Mall and 2% on general spending.

The HDFC Millennia Credit Card offers 5% cashback on select e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart and 2.5% on other online purchases, but charges an annual fee of ₹1,000.

The Paytm SBI Select Card, on the other hand, offers cashback on a wide range of Paytm transactions and has additional benefits like travel and purchase insurance.

The Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card offers an attractive 5% cashback on Flipkart purchases, but is quite limited outside the Flipkart environment and its partners

The Paytm SBI Select Card provides a more versatile experience with 3% cashback on Paytm Mall and 2% cashback on Paytm transactions.

Paytm SBI SELECT: let’s get to know it a little better

How to Apply for Your Paytm SBI SELECT

If you want to apply for this card, you can submit an application online through the SBI website or Paytm mobile app. Click below and check it out!