Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card: The Right Benefits for You

Discover why this is the best credit card for your purchases

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card: The Right Benefits for You

ICICI Bank is a multinational bank with over 30 years of history and offers a wide range of banking services to its customers.

What you need to know about this credit card:

  • Cash advance: 2.50% on the amount advanced, subject to a minimum of ₹300
  • Withdrawal Fee: ₹0
  • Over-limit purchases: 2.50% on the over-limit amount (subject to a minimum of ₹550)
  • Fuel Surcharge: 1% of transaction value or ₹10, whichever is greater


  • No annual fees: the card is free forever
  • Amazon Prime: free for three months for you
  • Popular: more than 4 million people have already requested this card
  • Special Cashback: Get 5% cashback on Amazon purchases
  • Cashback: Get 1% cashback on all other purchases


  • Few travel benefits: if you travel a lot, this is not the best card
  • Low reimbursement for those who don’t have Amazon: it may be more interesting to know about Axis Bank ACE or SBI Cashback cards

Why Choose ICICI Bank for Your Credit Card?

While other cards like SBI SimplyCLICK and HDFC Bank Millennia also offer good rewards, they come with some annual fees and require more effort to redeem the points.

In summary, the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card stands out for offering high cashback percentages, especially for Prime members.

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank: let’s get to know it a little better

How to Apply for Your Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

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