Discover the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card

Exclusivity and benefits that elevate your financial experience

Discover the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card

Standard Bank, an institution with a rich heritage and reliability in South Africa, offers a range of innovative financial solutions to its clients.

What you need to know about this credit card:

  • Monthly fees: You will pay a monthly fee of R128.00.
  • Minimum annual income: You must have a minimum annual income of R500,000 to qualify.
  • Credit limit: The limit is customized, adapting to your needs and financial profile.
  • Interest rate: Rates are based on the prime rate + 7.25%.


  • Access to VIP Lounges: access to more than 1000 airport lounges around the world.
  • Travel Insurance: includes automatic travel insurance when purchasing tickets with the card.
  • Concierge Services: Concierge service for lifestyle and entertainment.
  • Exclusive benefits: discounts on Emirates flights and spa treatments at selected airports.
  • Global connectivity: Free access to over 45 million WiFi hotspots around the world.


  • High minimum income: high annual income required for approval.
  • Focus on travel and entertainment: This may not be ideal for those who don’t travel often.

Why Choose Standard Bank for your credit card?

Diners Club Platinum beats African Bank with its travel insurance and VIP access.

Compared to FNB, it offers a more comprehensive rewards program and global access to VIP lounges.

Compared to ABSA, it stands out for its global discounts and exclusive offers for international purchases.

The card also has better currency conversion rates than Discovery Bank, which is ideal for frequent travel.

Finally, it offers more advantages in travel insurance than Capitec, as well as a flexible rewards program.

Diners Club Platinum: let’s get to know it a little better.

How to apply for your Diners Club Platinum

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