Introducing Kviku Personal Loan: fast and reliable

Loan up to PHP 25,000 with approval within 24 hours!

Introducing Kviku Personal Loan: fast and reliable

With over 500,000 satisfied customers and awards in financial innovation, Kviku leads the lending market.

Here’s what you need to know about this loan:

  • Loan amounts offered: from PHP 500 to PHP 25,000.
  • Loan terms (monthly): up to 180 days for repeat customers.
  • Payment methods: bank transfer, Gcash, payment at service centers.
  • Interest rate: 0.16% per day.


  • Simple process: minimal documentation to facilitate your access to credit.
  • Fully online: no need to visit a branch, everything is done through the website.
  • Fast approval: your loan can be approved within 24 hours.
  • Cost transparency: no hidden fees, you know exactly what you’re paying.
  • Flexibility: adaptable payment options and limit increase after repayment of the previous loan.


  • Value limitation for new customers: initial loans limited to PHP 25,000.
  • Technology dependency: need for internet access for loan application and management.

Why choose Kviku for your loan?

Compared to other financial institutions like Security Bank, Union Bank, East West Bank, CIMB Bank, and RCBC, Kviku stands out for its ability to offer a fully digital and fast process.

While other banks may require in-person visits and more documentation, Kviku streamlines the process by allowing everything to be done online.

Additionally, Kviku offers one of the most competitive interest rates in the market, with no surprises or hidden fees.

Fast approval and flexibility for repeat customers make Kviku an excellent choice for those in need of a personal loan quickly and securely.

As seen, there are many reasons to choose Kviku for a personal loan.

How to apply for your Kviku personal loan

Click the button below to be redirected to the application form and start the process to obtain your loan quickly and securely.