Discover EastWest’s personal loan: your best choice

Flexibility and security in personal loans for you.

Discover EastWest’s personal loan: your best choice

EastWest is recognized for its excellence and vast base of satisfied customers.

What you need to know about this loan:

  • Loan amounts offered: from Php 25,000 to Php 2 million.
  • Loan terms (monthly): options from 12 to 36 months for repayment.
  • Payment methods: payments via checks or automatic debit.
  • Interest rate: competitive rates, varying depending on the term and credit history.


  • Easy access: no need for collateral or guarantor.
  • Usage flexibility: freedom to use the loan as desired.
  • Affordable terms: light monthly installments, allowing better financial management.
  • Fast approval and disbursement: processing within 7 business days, with quick fund release.
  • Exceptional customer service: dedicated support for all your inquiries and needs.


  • High interest rates for new customers: higher rates for those without a credit history with the bank.
  • Additional costs: processing fee and Financial Transactions Tax applicable.

Why choose EastWest for your loan?

Compared to other banks in the Philippines, EastWest’s Personal Loan stands out for several reasons:

Compared to Security Bank, EastWest offers a higher loan limit, up to Php 2 million, which is ideal for those needing a more significant amount.

Compared to Union Bank, EastWest’s approval process is faster, facilitating quick access to necessary credit.

Unlike CIMB Bank, EastWest does not require a bank account with the bank for loan approval, making the process more inclusive.

Compared to RCBC, EastWest offers lower interest rates for customers with a good credit history. Finally, EastWest’s customer support is notably superior, ensuring all your queries and issues are promptly addressed.

How to apply for your Personal Loan

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